Awnings in different designs are another home decoration tailored to each one’s lifestyle with maximal utilization. With the design of modern technology and innovations, our awnings can meet every single need with attractive design, premium quality and long-lasting durability. A variety of designs are available for your selection – permanently fixed, conventional gear or electric motor, which can be easily linked with the smart home in the future.

– Attractive designs to meet every lifestyle –


Eyelet curtains

A simple but luxurious curtain hanging on rings at consistent distance will make your home pleasant.

Pleated curtains

A variety of pleated curtain designs is available to make your home filled with classical ambience. You may install such curtains in any rooms according to your lifestyle.

Louis curtains

The design may look formal, good for decoration in your house or hotel or government house, which will look grand.

Foldable blinds

Foldable blinds can be installed anywhere – in your house, hotel, resort, restaurant or in your office as it can accommodate any construction designs.